Run Commands

I am a big fan of Windows run commands. Below you find a table with some run commands. Maybe they are helpful for you. Maybe they're not. With some of those commands you'll find some programs/apps easier instead of searching them over the GUI.


Command Program / app
appwiz.cpl programms and features
cmd cmd
calc calculator
control system control
control netconnections networkconnections part of system control
compmgmt.msc computermanager
devmgmt.msc devicemanager
drivers C:\Windows\System32\drivers (i.e. hostfile editing)
eventvwr eventviewer
explorer file explorer
firefox Mozilla Firefox
gpedit.msc local GPO editor
msinfo32 systeminformation
mstsc remotedesktop
mmc MS Management Console
notepad Windows Editor
notepad++ Notepad++
powershell Powershell
resmon ressurcemonitor
regedit Registry Editor
services.msc services
swriter LibreOffice Writer
winver Windows version
winword MS Word